With over 5 years' hands-on experience in equine physical therapy, I can offer your horse a unique blend of modalities
Myofacial Release

Treats muscle immobility, improves blood & lymphatic circulation & stimulates muscle stretch reflex


Using the same points as acupuncture, achieves similar results in relief of tension & pain

Deep Tissue Stimulation

Treats musculoskeletal issues such as strains & performance related injuries. Targets the inner muscle groups

Kinesiology Taping

Long proven on human athletes, now available for equine use!

What my clients say

Lexi did an amazing job! She wasted no time and got right to work. One horse I got done was my barrel horse that I started having problems with him bucking around the barrels for two years or so until I found Lexi. Once she did work on him I rode him up some mountains and ran through the fields, he felt like the tuff horse I knew him to be. 
Lexi now came out about 3 weeks ago and I am super pleased with the works she’s done! My barrel horse placed 3rd this weekend!! BIG Thank you Lexi for helping my horse ❤️

-Kadraya Lepine

Lexi is amazing!! Any she is very patient as my Kanje can be a bit of a challenge when he is up but she takes her time and gets him done and the results are amazing!! Both of my horses feel great after a session!! Hmm wonder why they get spoiled and I don’t!!

- Carline Huth

Lexi was great with the horses they all responded super well. My jumper felt much more fluid and went to the show and was jumping really well. Prior to the treatment he was so stiff with right shoulder and left jaw.

Sula Coulson

I just bought a 12 yr old Paso Fino mare, and when she arrived I found that she was very tight along her back, and her left hind foot hit the floor a little different from the others, more of a slap. I called Lexi to come and look at her, and massage her. After the massage and exercises Lexi recommended, Solana is doing much better, the tight muscles along her back are softer and not bulging anymore. As well as her walk is much more even. She is starting to relax more as well. Thanks, Lexi.

Bonnie Emanuels

"I recently had Lexi Jones massage my young Oldenburg dressage horse, Fibonacci and would not hesitate to recommend her services. She was very professional, arrived on time and gave my horse a thorough physical examination, including an evaluation of his movement and symmetry before starting her treatment. Fibonacci is sometimes suspicious of new people, but he accepted Lexi’s quiet approach easily and thoroughly enjoyed his massage. He let her know all of his favorite scratching places, as well as the places where he had discomfort. As he is a young horse just beginning his athletic career, I want to keep him willing and eager in his work. A good massage person is an important part of the team. Lexi has good knowledge of equine anatomy and proper massage techniques, as well as an instinctive feel for the horse as both an animal and as a friend. In my experience that latter quality is rare and I’m sure Lexi will soon be in demand. Fibonacci will also be happy to see her again!"

 Virginia Allen

Lexi has been working on my 5yr old mare for 3 weeks now. She naturally has a lot of tension throughout her body. I️ am very happy with the results with only 3 treatments. I️ feel my mare is moving much more freely!! Can’t wait too see how she looks in a few more weeks!

Beth Thompson-Blanche

My regular equine body practitioner had injured herself and was not able to keep her appointment to work on my horse, she recommended Lexi Jones to me stating although Lexi's training was a different style from her own, she found that clients and horses really liked her work. When I called Lexi she responded quickly to messages and showed up on time for my appointment, as a horse owner these things are important to me. Lexi, bonded quickly with my mare who is usually hesitant and difficult to relax. Lexi found the correct spots to work on making my mare close her eyes, yawn, and settle. I could see her tension disappear. I appreciated Lexi's calm and relaxing demeanor as well she gave me some good stretches to use in between sessions. Thank you, Lexi, you did a great job.   

  Janette Carr and Fendi

What can I say not only did Lexi take the time to patiently work with my sensitive boy, she gave him the freedom and time to process what was going on making for a great experience for the horse. There was a huge improvement right away in his movement and his willingness to play. The next day riding him out with a friend she remarked how soft and comfortable he looked and he felt amazing under me. My other guy came out the next ride comfortable and happy. I am looking forward to see what help she can give my mare in her continuing support in helping my horses to be the best horses they can be.

-Shaundel Dodds

I experience Lexi to be a quiet, competent and highly professional woman with excellent skills handling and working on horses.
Lexi has done massage and adjustments on several of my mare.  She is gentle and precise in her approach and techniques.  The mares seemed to enjoy the bodywork and responded well to her handling and working with them.
Both mares appeared to have better range of movement and be more comfortable moving afterwards.
I would recommend Lexi to work on any horse without reservation.  She is an excellent horse woman already, and learning massage and bodywork skill sets for Equines adds to her repertoire!
I endorse her work and will be using her to work on more of my horses in the future.

Martha Drennan
JMR Pintos
Chilliwack, BC

Lexi has been working on my 17.2 hand gelding, Landen, for a few months now. The first visit, he was a little unsure, but now is 100% at ease with her work. With time, he has become more balanced, more relaxed and more giving in his training. We have been asking even more of him lately as he's still a jumper but has also been in the dressage ring (and received very flattering judges feedback). His suppleness is completely new to me. In many ways he is a different horse than 6-9 months ago and I think a big part of this is the regular treatment he's been receiving. We just need to improve the performance of his rider now ;-)
Thanks Lexi! We appreciate your consistent work on him :)

Brian Coote

The proof is in the eye of the horse! Lexi got my mare relaxed and released a lot of stress points. She’s more flexible now and with the stretches she taught me, we’re on the road to being in better shape.

Annie Zalit

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